• Taps


    I carry and supply parts for Brumby, DA, and E.K taps.

  • Andale Beer Pumps

    Andale Beer Pumps

    This venue, which I regularly clean and service, has 24 different varieties of beer.

  • New Keg Couplings

    New Keg Couplings

    Centre, CUB Keg Coupling. Right Castlemaine Keg Coupling.

  • Homark Fob Moniter

    Homark Fob Moniter

    This is an older system. I carry new spares for these fobs.

  • Keg Coupling

    Keg Coupling

    I exchange the coupling. I have approximately 25 Castlemaine and 15 CUB coupling.

  • Keg Coupling

    Keg Coupling

    All have been stripped, cleaned, new O rings seals and have been lubed.